Traditional route

Another option is immediately after Corinth to follow the motorway E65 A7 that passes from Corinth and Tripoli. Before arriving in Tripoli, after Artemision tunnel and the tolls of Nestani, exit on your right towards Vitina - Ancient Olympia - Levídhion. A scenic mountainous route that passes by the historic villages of Kapsia, Kardaras, Levídhion, Vlaherna and continues passing from the traditional mountain villages of Klitoria, Kastria, and Kato Lousi on the slopes of Chelmos. All the road signs point to Dara and the Cave of the Lakes (there is informative labeling). After Kastria and the Cave of the Lakes, you encounter a junction and you follow the path on the left to Kalavrita. After 4 km you reach “Georgios V Chalet Kalavrita”. This route is much longer, maybe a little more tedious, but if you have time it is worth trying it, as it crosses landscapes of exceptional beauty.

Quick Route

The shortest and easiest route from Athens to Kalavrita is the one that follows the New National Road Athens – Patras, on motorway E94 8A that passes from Corinth. After Corinth continue on the same road to Patras until the 159th kilometer. The output is there, so turn right and follow the main road to Kalavrita. Continue on the road alongside Vouraikos gorge crossing through the forest with constant turns. After twenty (20) minutes, you will find, on your left, the historic monastery of Great Cave. On the same road to Kalavrita, you leave on your right hand the traditional Zahlorou village, alongside the cog railway, ten (10) km before your final destination. A huge glade is embraced by the rough fir forest of Anexartisia. One of the most popular winter destinations. Welcome to Kalavrita!